Non-Violent Cultism

In the past, a-lot of concern has been raised as regards cultism and huge attention has been given to its violent nature of blood sheds and their social vices but we are paying less attention to another danger which is eating deep into the lives of our youth and that is the Non-Violent Cultism – An illusion fueled by the rise of technology , peer pressure and misinformation.

What is Cultism – A religion(pursuit or interest followed with great devotion)or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner( To be unconventional is to act, dress, speak, or otherwise exist out of the bounds of cultural norms. … Every culture has its own conventions — or norms )under the guidance of an authoritarian(favouring or enforcing strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom.), charismatic leader (exercising a compelling charm which inspires devotion in others.)

Non-Violent: A situation in which someone avoids fighting or using physical force, especially when trying to make political change: using peaceful means rather than force, especially to bring about political or social change.

Now what is a Non-Violent Cultism: Group of people who come together with no intentions of being violent to the society but are living in an unconventional manner. They are not killers but they portray social vices – thuggery,sexual abuse, examination malpractice, greed, anger, prostitution and the likes that affects their leader skills and prevents them from being a great leader.

Research shows that there are high rates of youth in the age bracket, 15 – 24 in this category. It is not just the poor youths that are involved, it cuts across all classes. The middle adolescence (15 – 17) and late adolescence (early adulthood) – (18 -24).

Youth are being lured mostly due to peer pressure and the need to belong because it is seen as okay to cheat during exam, get drunk, smoke and graduate to drug abuse, sexual abuse, thuggery, prostitution and other social vices that doesn’t involve violence to hide their true nature.

With the rise of technology, communication has been at ease, groups can be created on social media to bring together people of like minds and agree on the nature of discussion. Because the heart of the youth is filled with lust and they are at the experimenting stage due to what they hear and see round them, it will be easier to discuss it among themselves. It starts with the simplest conversations of body shapes, to sending nude pictures, organizing house parties and sneaking alcohol mixed with coke. These groups are often led by the charismatic leader; the influencer. These actions births irrational behaviors – greed, anger, segregation and selfishness.

The parents are not aware because they are not showing any violent behavior to alert their them. They spend a-lot of time on the phone and social media.

If you are not part of these groups, you are not the happenings person and the pressure to join and act like them becomes an examination you must pass. You start acting like them, asking for more money from home to buy that shoe and clothes you don’t need or start dressing in a manner to show you are a worthy candidate.

Misinformation is another problem. While it is important that you let the youth explore their talents for positive reasons and not unconventional manner, how we define this freedom is key. Youth feel they are old enough and do not need help from parents/teachers who are likely to judge when transitioning into adulthood that they rely on the internet for that information (the ones meant for the adults who understands consequences).


Don’t portray social vices like smoking, drinking, thuggery in-front of youth and tell them they should wait till they grow up before trying it. The mind of the youth is very active and ready to explore.

Don’t ignore the signs of bad habits from youth when portrayed, they are likely learned behaviors from friends. Don’t say they will get over it.

That is why Imey Reach will be talking to youth on the dangers and the consequences of social vices from Non-Violent Cultism. Why they need to avoid or break-off before transitioning to adulthood. Youth needs to know that they can be comfortable in their skin and it is okay to wait and be wise not to make wrong decisions.
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