Welcome to Imey Reach International

Imey Reach is an NGO focusing on youth of ages 12 to 35 years on how to avoid Non-Violent Cultism. This is the age bracket of transitioning into adulthood and where a-lot of changes happens psychologically – The stage that births true self realization.

In the past, a-lot of concerns has been raised as regards cultism and huge attention has been given to its violent nature of blood sheds and their social vices but we are paying less attention to another danger which is eating deep into the lives of our youth and that is the Non-Violent Cultism – An illusion fueled by the rise of technology , peer pressure and misinformation.

Our work at Imey Reach International is geared towards mental empowerment to youth to becoming a better person for themselves and their community. We are committed to helping build a society where youth are making smart choices, taking the right actions and deliberately getting involved the growth of the community.

Welcome aboard!

Oluwayemi Odubote
Founder, Imey Reach International

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