Our Call To Action Against Non-Violent Cultism

Youth are vibrant and always looking for ways to innovate and be themselves. Since the advent of Technology, youth has found a way to connect, explore and see the world from different perceptions. The truth is not far fetched that the rate at which youth learn unconventional manners from internet is at the alarming rate and it will not slow down.

There are negative pressures from every side; peers, families and the society yet nothing concrete to build the youth mentally to be able to filter all the information downloaded into their minds. At this era, depression is happening all around and not leaving the young out. The archaic belief was that only poor people can suffer depression and that it is fine for youth to go through some unwanted behaviors because it is normal.

This is a global issue! You wonder why it is hard for many youth to be interested in community projects and why they don’t find personal development interesting, it is because of the underlying factor of limited beliefs that creates a mental trap in young people.

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