How can we make young #girls think they are not wasting their time when given an opportunity to explore their talents? The #society doesn’t really support an ambitious woman because many think she would end up in the “kitchen” or would “threaten” the man.

Should starting a family be the end of a woman’s career or should it be a sacrifice of ones purpose as a woman?

We need to make women feel free and be supported to be more in the society.

The future is dependent on our actions today. Join us and let us make it work!

#GirlsBeFree is a new project by #Imeyreach to sensitize young girls and ladies to be mentally empowered to excel.


  • To give girls a reason to not walk in the shadows of men and be ambitious for themselves and their community.
  • To pull girls up from the shackles of culture and societal mentality
  • To let girls know that they are not weak, not a sex object and cannot be bought.
  • To give mental empowerment trainings to create a mind shift.

To be part of this project, please contact us at info@imeyreach.org or call: +2348152232829

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