Help the depressed to LIGHT UP DEPRESSION

You know him/her to be a lively person or always responsive but of late you noticed the withdrawal from anything interesting or collective and you have tried to help as a friend/colleague/family but you noticed nothing has changed.
It is possible the person is slipping into #depression and if care is not taken it might get worse.

Many do not know how to manage the #depressed as regards what to say and not to say to them. Some don’t even know the signs and symptoms to begin with.

She couldn’t tell him because she fears to be alone yet she is lonely.

Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring! Segregation, negative labels, body shaming… all these put people in a BOX! A very small tight BOX!

#Depression comes in many shades , even the strong at heart can be caught unawares.

He labeled her THIN but he didn’t know she was living with a terminal disease.

At #ImeyReach, we believe that if people have the first aid kit to help the depressed, there will be little or no suicidal thoughts or acts. The #depressed would get better quickly.

Remember that the lowly are also human!

Do not assume that happy a person cannot be hit. Do not use inappropriate word to address people and assume they can handle it, the heart is still not made with rock.

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