Money and Sex does not define a woman – #GirlsBeFree

We were at a group conversation about what women want and to my surprise, most (both men and women) agreed that most women want just two things: Money and Sex!

Lots of women sexualize themselves because they see their body as a sex object and the only thing to offer or a way to get what they want. Their young girls admire and learn the same thing without having a sense of purpose to be more.

It is limiting to wait and rely fully on a man to offer you money and sex before you consider yourself a WOMAN.

How can we make boys; men to have more respect for women?

As a man, let us change the narrative and tell females that they can have ambition, fly and be free. Cut the societal mentality that only money and sex drives a woman.

Women; girls, you are more! You are not a sex object!

Girls be free is a project by ImeyReach to give mental empowerment to girls to break free from mental trap that causes gender disparity and limitation on women.

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