Education beyond the classroom brings happiness

There is fun in learning and sharing! Education is interesting because it will open your mind to make right decisions that will give you happiness.

Education is beyond the classroom and it should not be seen as boring! The school curriculum need to be reviewed to help young people be themselves and find the things that will make them contribute their uniqueness in the world.

Before we teach life skills, we need to uncover the limited beliefs that has been instilled in the minds of young people through pressure from peers, family and the society that has blocked self belief, willingness to be more and readiness to be accountable for a big change.

Limited beliefs are locked in the subconscious and they are best revealed through taking a coaching stance, we need to know why youth are not doing the things they want to do even though they are aware of what positivity brings. It could be through comparison or have no understanding of the need to push through comfort zone at their own progressive pace.

We believe for a change to happen, the mind need to believe it can happen to direct the thoughts and emotions for a positive reaction.

At ImeyReach Foundation, we collaborate and partner with NGOs, Cooperate, Government, Religious and Local Communities to give mental empowerment to youth, men and women to becoming a better person for themselves at their community.


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