Learn to communicate your pains to boost mental stability and fight depression

How often do you communicate your pain ?

John is a highly skilled individual and his friends and colleagues look up to him but they didn’t know he was struggling with Keeping up because he doesn’t know how to say no even when under extreme pressure.

He created a standard that was affecting not just him but everyone around him. 

Three months down the line, John was ill and it affected his mental stability. He had bottled his pain for long and now he is struggling to get out of depression.

Nothing seems interesting anymore to John and he is blaming himself and his boss for not being considerate. 

We live in a world that is purely result oriented, the sound of failure is still a taboo to many who doesn’t understand its usefulness because we feel if we complain or speak out it will limit our standard and the respect people have for us.

Never forget your mental stability! Never forget the need to take care of yourself! 

Communicate your pain! You will do yourself and people around you a favor!

This is a campaign by ImeyReach to #LightUpDepression

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