Teach girls how to learn to survive

You don’t tell people to survive when they have no idea how to survive.

Many still don’t understand why women play a major role in a child’s life , most especially the girl child.

In Africa, a family with only female children worry more than a family with only male children or mixed. Why do you think that is so? Of course, the physical and psychological attacks on females are more pronounced.

Sexual abuse, pressure from the society, gender disparity, and many other connected limitations that puts a girl child and women in a box.

How can parents, teachers and communities work together to not project the female child as a weakling or a challenge to raise ? Simply by teaching and giving them the right tools to be opened minded and it starts with the way we treat the girl child.

At ImeyReach Foundation, we teach girls how to be brave and give them the right tools to empower them mentally with support from their parents and teachers. We believe in a collaborative effort for a better future.

Many ask us, how about the boy child?  They are definitely part of the process as our strategy includes promoting gender parity. We teach boys respect and ease them of the pressure defined by the society.

Girls need to know that they are not in this world to be pampered and treated like a sex object or a weakling. People confuse care and pity when it comes to gender issues. Women have learnt they don’t need pity but support and opportunity to be more. Let us start imbibing that mindset in our girls to be brave, to be more, to speak up and take charge!

#GirlsBeFree is a campaign and action by ImeyReach Foundation to give mental empowerment to girls to be free to do more.

To collaborate with us, contact us via email: info@imeyreach.org

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