Education should involve practise not just tactics

Many youths wonder – “Aside the certificates, what else did I get from going to school”!

We won’t blame their thoughts because they were not given the tools to implement, but tactics written on paper with no room to practice for personal and social development.

The labor market is saturated and those with more certificates tends to get the job and that puts a negative pressure on youths to get more certificates even if the skills acquired are not applicable. They say – “The more the certificates the more your chances of survival.” Such a limited belief!

Now there is a dilemma! We have lots of youths who are unsure of who they are and how to actually contribute to the society. There is a need for an over-hauling of the Education system. Though this might sound like a big work , but it is achievable if decision makers in Government can be strategic and futuristic if they want to build leaders that are problem solvers through improved emotional and social intelligence. – Toyin Oladejo, Legal Practitioner.

Enough of bombarding the school curriculums with topics that lacks life skills. Enough of building youths with just IQ , let us balance with emotional and social intelligence.

Abisola Eyisanmi who is an Investment Officer said – “The world needs youths with critical thinking, creative thinking, personal leadership , entrepreneurship and talent nurturing that can be practiced to solve real life issues and not just books needed to get certificates.”

We can start small, educate the teachers, the students will be grateful for that. Imbibe the mindset of a futuristic that sees the opportunity and how to manage the threat.

At ImeyReach Foundation, we give mental empowerment to youth, men and women to becoming a better person for themselves and their community. We visit schools, local and religious communities to teach life skills and give tools that are applicable to excel in life.

Project Groom Room Bariga and College Cup Lagos are two main projects centered on Education and it will kick off  next year January!

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