Don’t isolate people because of their lifestyle



Many do not understand mental health and the importance of mental stability, it sounds like a joke to some people even when they know it is a serious issue.

A new case we received – he has been struggling to quit an unwanted behavior and that affected his relationship with people close to him. They thought he was isolating himself because he couldn’t quit but his isolation was due to mental instability .

The core of his complaint- “I blame myself for causing others pain and I blame people close to me for giving up on him. Now I have to live like this for the rest of my life”

Anyone that portrays unwanted behaviors are not totally happy with themselves even though they might act like it is nobody’s business but they know within themselves that they are drowning.

Even though it might get tiring, do not stop the encouragement and keep advising them to see a therapist or get help. – Let us be conscious of every isolations and ask questions before it gets too late. – Practice correction and not condemnation by separating the person from the behavior. – Be present and let them know you care.

This is a campaign by ImeyReach Foundation to #LightUpDepression and sensitize people to understand how to manage people struggling to quit unwanted behaviors.

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