Education requires action

Educating the mind is beyond words, it requires others sense organs , majorly learning through seeing from practice!

There are so many theories with very few practice in our education system and it has limited emotional intelligence in many ways.
The mind tries to create an image to every words it hears but it gets frustrated when the image projected is incomplete or inconclusive , this eventually put a limit to the imaginative mind which is tied to emotional intelligence needed for life skills.

#Education requires action! Education requires constant review and upgrade to make learning easier for students to boost their critical thinking skills.

Let there be more practicals that are applicable to life; the life of the students and their community! To build them mentally to be a problem solver.

This is a call to the #Government and policy makers to innovate and review the school curriculum to be more engaging, cooperative and less competitive for students to understand the true meaning of collaborative learning.

At ImeyReach Foundation, we give mental empowerment to youth to becoming a better person for themselves and their community through coaching and mentorship.

In partnership with @vgfoundation_ng and Bariga Local Government, Project Groom Room will commence by February 2020. We are looking forward to giving mental education to school children in Bariga.

#MentalEducation #Imeyreach #VGSFoundation


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