The valour of the girl child – #GirlsBeFree


From conception, she is strong as her male counterpart, at birth beautiful and daring.

As a child inquisitive, lovable and amiable; full of beautiful energy and peaceful aura. She is matured at heart and can do more if given a chance.

She comes to the world as a girl and leaves birthing the whole world.

She is not feeble, she is outspoken, she is a leader, she is the mother of all and she can accomplish everything if given an equal opportunity to compete at the same pedestal with her male counterparts.

Imagine a world where she knows and it is also in her subconsciousness that she is powerful and can achieve more than just being enslaved into child labour, a child bride and a sex slave.

Imagine a world where she understands and knows that she has the same say and place as the male child, also imagine a world where she is given quality education, a good support system and positive self-awareness of what she can achieve in the modern world.

Let her be free, give her wings to fly above all these obstacles and see her take her place in the high places where she belongs with her Crown and valour.

This is a campaign by ImeyReach foundation to promote women empowerment through our GIRLS BE FREE project.


Article by ambassador Oluwatoyin Oladejo




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