Teach girls to know their right







Females are easily castigated when they do things beyond the norm. While we recognize the importance of principles to guide one’s behavior, the measures of correction when the principles are not followed should not condemn a person.

Overtime, it has been observed that females suffers the most when the principles are not followed and very few laws are protecting women right in the society.

Women are easily harassed in public even while trying to do something positive. Imagine the backslash when they try to speak up for themselves and it goes against cultural beliefs or principles set by the society that is not favorable to empower women.

If we want to build a future of women that won’t think enslaved, we need to start applying equal treatment to both boy and girl child. Teach them to see themselves as an important part of the community. Teach them to know their right!

Polices should be reviewed and new ones need to be created to protect not just the rights of women but for their mental stability.
This is a campaign by ImeyReach Foundation to promote #GirlsBeFree and push women empowerment.

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