Education is a mindset


Before students would think of self-learning, there must have been a trigger; mostly from the environment. We all know that students spends lots of time in school with their teachers being the major source of classroom learning and the rest at home.

Students tend to obey their teachers the more because the pattern of communication is instructional. Lots of if-then-else structure in the communication channel. If you are not learning, then there would be some sort of punishment unlike the subtle angle parents might take.

It is of importance, that the teachers these students look up to must be of a growth mindset towards education to be a great drive and encouragement to making these students see the true color of education and explain that it is beyond the usual school curriculum.

A good example is a child that performs well in public speaking and not so well in a Maths class might be considered a student that lacks quality learning. That puts the child in a box and an assumption might arise that the child should study Political Science. Such limited mindset has put many youth’s life in danger.

Constant training for teachers on what education entails and how to communicate knowledge should be encouraged.

Teachers should encourage adaptive learning and creative teaching for students to give an opportunity for each child to grow as an active learner. Research shows that it would make them think outside of the box and would be more involving in the learning process.

A change of mindset takes time but it is achievable if there is an enabling environment. An enabling environment for students would awaken their EQ and open their minds to being a problem solver. This design thinking process will bring to life a growth mindset in the long run.

Mental education is a campaign by ImeyReach foundation to promote growth mindset by teaching life skills through coaching and mentoring.





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