Education should include creative thinking


To be aware and updated as regards how to navigate through life is the essence of Education and not just how to excel at work or in school.

Creative thinking is a skill that will never go extinct and we need to start placing our youths on that level of thinking. If there are already laid down procedures on how to perform a task or solve a problem, then there should be a feedback channel that can encourage change to enable creative thinking.

We define creative thinking as a way to manipulate a current solution or create a new solution from the free will of a person’s perspective in-order to open the mind to more creative thoughts centered on problem solving.

The essence is to open the creative thought bank of a person for them to believe and see themselves as a creative thinker.

Students should be placed in a simulated environment and presented with real life challenges. It could a simple test on personal leadership like we do whenever we train youths on  creative thinking.

A creative thinker is an independent thinker who knows how to focus thoughts to solving problems.

The simple steps below has proven to be helpful:

  • Create an enabling environment:

The students must feel needed and there should be no segregation. Let them know that their contributions are important.

  • No right or wrong answer strategy:

Promote a balanced feedback. Remember, perspective is the basis for creative thinking. Do not shutdown any answer. The purpose is to open their creative mind.

  • Practice the solutions:

Let the students practice the solutions they proffer. This will allow them to bring to reality their thoughts through actions to encourage being responsible.

  • Promote reward and self appreciation:

Give consistent encouragement to every step each students make towards creative thinking. It will help them to place relevance on its intended purpose. Teach them to appreciate their little efforts, this is a drive to colour their mind and boost emotional intelligence.

Creative thinking takes practice and it is an important skill every youth should have.

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