The way we think defines our mental health status


In simple terms, the way we think defines our mental health status.

Our thought is the foundation of our actions. If we are going to be contributing to the mental stability of people around us, we need to be conscious of how we contribute to their thoughts.

What we say have the most effect on people, that is why cyber bullying and body shaming are the major causes of depression among youths.

We are aware of our limitations and weaknesses, how we manage is dependent on our level of mental stability. Calling people out based on what they are struggling with will further elevate their insecurities which might put them in a helpless and depressing situation.

Two things we need to build our minds on:

Empathy – To understated or feel what another person is experiencing.

Compassion РTo be motivated to help someone’s physical, mental or emotional pains.

When we combine both empathy and compassion, our choice of words and actions would be to heal and not to kill.

Children should be thought kindness through choice of words.

Parents should say kind words often and be a good role model.

Mental health should be taught in school and the need to speak positive and treat people right should be a priority.

#LightUpDepression is a project by ImeyReach foundation to create awareness on the signs and symptoms of depression and how to help the depressed.

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