Teach boys gender equality for girls to be free


How can girls be free without proper sensitization of the male child ? That freedom will be incomplete! When we give a girl child a voice, if it is not heard, then what is the point?

The male child need to understand the importance of women empowerment. Research shows that women work harder than men to attain and keep a position in the society.

Men in cooperate environment gets promoted easily while women are impacted by the glass ceiling effect and many more limitations placed on women at home, in the society and in Government.

How then can girls be free if the society cannot see the need to give girls/women the opportunity to explore their skills beyond the norm.

While our focus at ImeyReach foundation is on the  girl child, we also sensitize the male child to see beyond how the society treats gender equality.  The main purpose of gender equality, is not to limit anyone based on their gender. The male child should be taught to be a good listener and not see himself as a superior being while the girl child as a weak being and just a sex object.

For girls to be free, we need to teach the male child the need for gender equality for social, political and economic  growth.

At ImeyReach foundation, we give mental empowerment to youth, men and women to becoming a better person for themselves and their community.



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