For girls to be free, teach boys what togetherness means


The world is fast changing and more women are taking the leadership role. More men are now seeing the need to allow women to play an important role in the society.

However, more work needs to be done to create a gender balanced future and that includes both males and females who sees themselves as an equal mostly in attitude towards life, leadership and responsibility

For girls to be free, we need to teach boys the true meaning of togetherness. While we mostly define togetherness as a means of relying on one another for strength, it should not define anyone as a weakling.

If the society defines a girl child as a weakling, it means her voice cannot be heard and for it to be heard, she would have to work extra hard to show her strength equals that of a man.

How can we view togetherness from the angle of equality?

At home, don’t say to a male child to work hard to take care of her sister(s). Tell him to work together with her sister(s) and they should take care of eachother. That means, you are training the male child to listen to females and the girl child to be confident and have a voice.

This will cut down the pressure on men because the society has forced lots of men to do all the thinking and that has created a gender supremacy.

Having a shared thought and seeking opinions from both genders gives a clear meaning of what togetherness is. No burden; no chains! Just positive free thinkers.

For girls to be free, they need to know that they have a voice and the boy child need to know how to welcome and listen to their voices. Togetherness is team work and it boosts personal leadership which should not be defined by gender.

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