Teach boys the need and importance of women empowerment


There are lots of girls/women empowerment projects and very few for boys/men. It is understandable to some extent because many feel it is a Man’s world and it would be easier for a man to figure things out easily than a woman.

However, there is still a challenge of how the current generation perceives the responsibilities of a woman and the role she has to play. Though, more women are being given an opportunity to lead and more women are getting empowered but boys/men are neglected because of the notion that it is a “Man’s world”.

The ego is still being place in the heart of most men that no matter how empowered a woman gets, the extents that she grows is still determined by the man.

I believe that for girls to be free, we need to teach boys to understand what freedom means. We need to educate them on gender equality/parity. Hence, while empowering the girl child, the boys are not excluded.” Says Oluwayemi Odubote, the founder of ImeyReach Foundation

When boys and girls really know what freedom is, only then can they strive for it. Carrying all the weight of the world for boys is not free so also hindering girls is not free. This way we can help each other.” Says Oluwatosin Adetunji, ImeyReach Foundation Ambassador.

If we don’t educate boys on equality and respect for girls then it won’t help much for the girls to “cry” about equality and empowerment” says Dorrit Karlsen, ImeyReach Foundation Ambassador.

Here is an excerpt from UNICEF:

As boys and girls age, gender barriers expand. Chores, caring for siblings, and safety issues keep girls out of school, while expectations of earning money force boys to dropout. By the time children reach age 10, boys’ worlds often expand while girls’ worlds contract, resulting in negative consequences that can last a lifetime.”

#GirlsBeFree is a project by ImeyReach Foundation to teach both girls and boys what freedom means and how to have collaborative effort towards gender equality.

For sponsorship and collaboration, contact us info@imeyreach.org.


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