What is mental education?

Mental education is synonymous to psychological development; it consists of activities an individual can engage in for knowledge growth,even way beyond the 4-walls of the school, that is why ImeyReach Foundation tends to educate the masses using its social media platform and visits schools, local and religious communities to give mental empowerment to youths, men and women to becoming a better person for themselves and their community.

Innovative ideas and skill acquisitions are also forms of mental education, the new knowledge we consciously pick up either during conversations with friends, the courses we take online (Cousera, Udemy) , a skill (Hair dressing, Makeup artistry, e.t.c) or trade (Forex, Bitcoin e.t.c)

It is high time parents need to help their wards understand that taking up a skill would also help aid them in the journey of life, because if the world was dependent on white collar jobs, then definitely the ratio of poverty would immensely increase, there would be a detriment in the economy.

Which sport or outdoor activities do you have flairs for? Create the time for yourself to indulge in them, no knowledge is a waste and this helps broadens the mental capacity as sport is considered mental which requires creative thinking, problem solving techniques and resilience.

Educate yourself in the very best way you can, in every conversation, filter the grains and pick what is best for you. In every situation, there is always something to learn, unlearn, relearn and share; the mind can be taught to choose wisely through mental education.

#MentalEducation is a project by ImeyReach Foundation to educate the minds of youth on social, emotional and mental skills for personal development.

For sponsorship and partnership, contact us at info@imeyreach.org.

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