Breathe! You are not alone.

Hey you, yes you!

Welcome to another episode of Light Up Depression. Having highlighted the meaning and symptoms of depression in previous posts, we have decided to put together a #LightUpDepression starter pack for 2020.

We understand that the beginning of the year comes with various strategic decisions that we consciously make as regards our personal and work life and sometimes, certain pressure(s) or circumstance(s) put us into making some unfavorable decisions. However, the effect of these decisions could affect the mental stability of an individual; leading to emotional stress and in most case, depression.

Whenever you feel emotionally burned out either work or personal related stress, kindly take the following steps;

1. Breathe in and out as this helps clear your head for a while.

2. Get an anchor- a central cohesive source of support and stability. This could be an affirmative statement you say to yourself that calms your inner self.

3. In one of our posts, we talked about the THERAPEUTIC method of treatment; the talk therapy or exercise is one of the first-aid treatment as research says it might help neutralize brain changes associated with mental stress.

Remember that a problem shared is a problem solved so speak to and with someone or a body of people such as ImeyReach Foundation where our ambassadors engage you in healthy conversations.

Breathe! You are not alone.

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Remember these mantras;


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