Do not compare yourself to others

Understand that we are all on a different path to success and no one is better than you.

Don’t put yourself under pressure trying to catch up with someone. It is like walking in another person’s shadow.

Be contented and don’t focus on staying in a position. When you have people you look up to, you should not be pressured by their lifestyle but learn some pointers to direct your steps to becoming a better person .

Many youth want the fast success and forget to review what is required and expected to attain the success , if what they projected is not coming to pass, depression starts to pile up and they takeout the anger on themselves and people around them by portraying social vices.

The key is to prepare your minds knowing that you should measure your present by our past; meaning you are in competition with just yourself. This would relief you of negative pressures and the need to be better will be paramount.

Peer pressure has put many young people in depression through constant comparison with people around them. When youth set a goal mostly unrealistic, that at a certain age, I would be like my role model whom they only see their success from afar but not how they achieve the success, they get disappointed and feel like a loser if what they envisaged did not come to pass.

Put your mind off unrealistic goals because of what you see on social media. Focus on yourself and practice inner peace. Comparing yourself to others will only bring more harm to your mental wellbeing.

This is an awareness to teach the public about the signs and symptoms of depression and how to help the depressed.

Join us to #LightUpDepression

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