Project Groom Room – Empowerment of 100 youth

We are mostly influenced by people around us; how we communicate and interpret the messages we receive. That is why sensitization will still be the number one method of learning.

Mental empowerment is a key driver that we implement at ImeyReach Foundation to sensitize youth, men and women to becoming a better person for themselves and their community.

In partnership with Valued Girls Foundation to promoting education beyond the classroom, the students of Ajayi Crowther Senior Secondary School and National College Gbagada are the selected schools for Project groom room.








This initiative is to create a ripple effect of learning on three major aspects:

  1. Social Etiquette
  2. Personal Leadership
  3. Communication .

The project started on the 8th of February to end on the 29th of February.  100 students will be trained and each student is to impact at least another student . With the continuous impact of knowledge, this ripple effect reduce cultism, build youth who are aware of how to set smart goal and be prepared for the rise in technology.

Gratitude to everyone who has contributed immensely to this project.

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