What is Personal Leadership?

To be a great leader, you should be able to lead yourself and that is why to be trained on personal leadership is important.

Leading by example is still the top quality of a leader. That is why we become what we think. To think right requires understanding ourselves and environment and most importantly how to react to it.

What is personal leadership?

It the ability to detect, develop and utilize our positive leadership qualities and put them into good use most especially towards helping others.

The younger generation need to detect this earlier and that is why at ImeyReach Foundation we are keen about giving mental education to youth to help them become a better person for themselves and their community.

Personal leadership cannot work without proper understanding and importance of communication. To lead ourselves we should be able to communicate our goals and vision clearly. The use of a vision board is a great tool as shown below by one of the students of Ajayi Crowther Memorial.

Communication is important to becoming a leader and building personal leadership. Start by understand your purpose and how you plan to keep driving the purpose. Look at the end point and start figuring a way to get there.

If you say to yourself I want to become a space engineer and you are not doing anything to make it happen, it would just be a talk. Building a strong personal leadership will push us to want to ACT.

Also, the right attitude towards life is also key. That is why social etiquette should be taught to youth, this would cut down unconventional manners and make youth see the usefulness of being positive.

It was a great opportunity to  partner with Valued Girls Foundation to be able to share this knowledge to the secondary students in Bariga Local Government. We know for sure that the future of Africa youth is assured as our programs cuts across Africa.

Mental Empowerment is one of our projects at ImeyReach Foundation to open the minds of the youth to teachings not in their school curriculum to prepare them to becoming a important part of the society.

To join us, contact us: info@imeyreach.org

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