Life beyond the classroom

School education helps in shaping our future and professional careers. What then happens after all of these?

How do we put all we have learnt to work?

This is beyond the classroom; this is MENTAL EDUCATION – Developing ourselves mentally for tasks and decision making against the social vices that can pull us down from making SMART choices. Also to upgrade our EQ to being a top notch creative thinker.

How do we do these?

1) We surround ourselves with positivity: The right helps, those that think outside of the box and can freely tap into their creative bank.

2) Educate ourselves on what to do at the right time: This involves critical and innovative thinking that is not involved in the school curriculum. Talking about dealing with real life challenges and the smart way to do the right things.

3) Have a mentor and a picture of where you want to be and start the plan towards it: A life vision and mission statement is very important and it will be a guide to know whom to choose as a mentor and a clearer picture of what to achieve. A vision board is a good example!

With all these in mind, we have the right tools to tackle negativity through mental education; the mind is engrossed with a lot of positive energy that it doesn’t remember the vices.

Think Positive, think mental stability because IT ALL STARTS FROM THE MIND.

Mental Education is a project by ImeyReach Foundation to help youth be an outside of the box thinker and have a life guide after graduation.

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