Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, the world as we know it has changed not just economically but it has also impacted our mental health in one way or the other.

Before now, most people get their minds busy – up and running by going to work daily, engaging in lots of activities outdoor and being around people as a way to maintaining mental stability; these acts had kept a lot from falling into a depression,confusion, hopelessness and the fear of the unknown.

In this trying times, we have to find new ways to stay safe mentally and most importantly have a sound mind while trying to keep safe away from Covid-19.

Here are tips on how to be mentally stable during this period:

1. Stay connected with your social and family networks via technology to maintaining a sane communication that has no fear and panic.

2. Be aware of your daily routines and replace any events or activities that might create negative thoughts with positive ones.

3. Exercise regularly and practice habits that you enjoy and find relaxing.

4. Deliberately seek practical and credible informations at specific times of the day. Informations that will uplift your mind whenever you are feeling moody.

5. Eat healthy.

6. Learn new skills and if possible improve your soft skills also. You will be surprised at the new things you will learn.

7. Stay away from negative Energy. Lots of positive energy is needed at this time and you don’t want to waste it on negative vibes.

A sound mind is all that matters right now as every other thing would fall in place for good accordingly.

We need your sound mind and Healthy self. Stay safe and mentally sound during this period.

#LightUpDepression is a project by ImeyReach Foundation to help people know the signs and symptoms of depression and how to help the depressed.

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