Fusion of Mental Education into the Educational System

Mental health awareness has become an important discussion in the educational system; its impact on every individual and how it affects their ability to learn and achieve set goals can not be neglected.

A synchronization of mental education into our educational system will be of great importance to the country and our immediate society at large. An investment into mental health of children and young adults is investing into a sane and accomodating future for us all; as mental health is an integral part of everybody’s Health.

A student can be considered a slow learner in school and she might be suffering from depression yet the teachers might not be able to help her thinking she is just an introvert and that might have affected her learning.

If care is not taken, it would take the student a longer time to adapt to learning new knowledge and it might be too late.‎

The case mentioned above can be resolved using mental education and it goes beyond the school curriculum in the classroom; it is simply by reviewing the mental state of the student and analyzing the best approach to impact the student.

Understanding the mental state of an individual helps to know the level at which the mind can be schooled to accepting new knowledge.

We have been able to use this approach to give mental education to youth globally regardless their mental state as we believe everyone is an important part of the society.


Mental Education is an initiative by ImeyReach to teach the mind of youth to acquiring the necessary skills to becoming a better person for themselves and their community.

You can reach-out to us: info@imeyreach.org

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