The Boy child that our future needs


There are lots of questions mostly from some men and mothers that what about the boy child.

We are all aware that the society has portrayed women as being ‘weak’ and to be given much care and attention. Sometimes, we feel that notion is one of the problems that has given some men a feel of superiority over women.

Howbeit, that doesn’t give any man the right to cheat or maltreat any woman because of what the society thinks of women.

The narrative needs to change and the boy child needs to be thought and made to understand equality in strength and thinking with the girl child.

We all understand the power of perception and whenever there are much misalignment with the way we see ourselves it births lots of negatives – gender inequality and #racism to mention a few.

Girls Be Free project by Imeyreach Foundation is not just centered on empowerment of the girl child but also teaching boys on what freedom means and how they can deliberately practice equality.

If from the grassroot, parents can instill the knowledge of freedom and the true meaning of authority not superiority, we believe that the gap between both genders would be thin and this would cut down the cases of rape in the society.

A collaborative effort is needed and no one can do it alone. Everyone’s effort is needed to building the boy child that our future needs.

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