In past posts, we have extensively explained the meaning and preventive measures of depression but today’s narrative is quite different.

The global pandemic has consciously or unconsciously put pressure on our mental health so we will address this topic by focusing on the signs and symptoms of depression.

1. Feeling hopeless, helpless and trapped; that nothing ever goes right and nothing can be done.
2. Lost of interest in things that gives you joy and happiness like hobbies, life, sex etc.
3. Loss of appetite and imbalance weight change; a minute you gain weight, the next you’ve lost a lot of pounds.
4. Change in sleeping pattern; you either oversleep or suffer from insomnia.
5. Change in your mood;constant mood swings.
6. Loss of energy to do the littlest things, tiredness of the body and mental fatigue.
7. Feeling worthless that nothing good comes out of you, constantly attacking yourself that very mistake made is your fault.
8. Living a reckless and nonchalant lifestyle; the ‘You Only Live Once’ phrase is their motto. They partake in extreme activities.
9. Inability to focus, concentrate, listen, assimilate and remember information.
10. Constant body pains and aches such as headache, back pain, stomach pain and so on.

Although, these signs can be a part of one’s lifestyle but the more symptoms shown, the more likely you are living with depression as the signs varies in individuals but when you start noticing some over the top traits like:

1. Talking about death or dying, killing or harming one’s self.
2. Out of the ordinary calls or visits to say goodbye.
3. Righting their wrongs, giving out prized possessions and making amends.
4. Saying words like “Everyone would be better off without me” or “I want out”.
5. A sudden switch from being extremely depressed to acting calm and happy.

Then you will know that the degree of depression the individual is suffering from has moved to the suicidal stage where they feel the only way to escape the pain is to commit suicide.

The pressure we go through as human beings is becoming more alarming and the mind is becoming more porous and prone to negative thoughts. We have to be very deliberate with our thoughts and how we perceive ourselves.

If you know anyone considering suicide or portraying the signs and symptoms as mentioned above, please talk to them with care and love. You can also reach-out to us at ImeyReach Foundation, we are available to walk with you through your trying times.

Join us to #LightUpDepression

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