Mental Empowerment: A tool against Suicide

What does it mean to die mentally?

In simple terms, when one feels dead-alive. When nothing feels interesting and you just want everything to end.

When it feels like there is no ‘hope’ for hope to bring life and suicidal thoughts starts taking over.

It might feel like there is no remedy and no turning back! It might feel like the best decision is to leave this world and let people feel your hurt.

You might feel like when you are no more, they would eventually know your worth or nobody would care when you are gone.

Something deep down inside of you is telling you to ignore the suicidal thoughts, to speak to someone, to not forget your loved ones, to hold on to your dreams, to not give up on hope…

Though it might sound like a thin and faint voice or a feeling or a thought, strive with the little strength you have left and hold on to it!

Even though you don’t trust people around you enough to speak with them, please try and seek the help you need and you will surely find it. Do not give the fight for your life.

It might not make sense to you now, but you are very important to this world.

At ImeyReach Foundation, we help people fight depression with no discrimination and connect them to the light through our Light Up Depression program.

Do you need help to getting mentally empowered to fighting depression and suicide, feel free to speak with us today.

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