Not so often do we have conversations about men on how best we can have well-adjusted males in our society. Men have little to no mental support system in the form of friends or family around them. A lot of written material such as magazines and television or radio talk shows have for so many years been dominated by women sharing their experiences, women’s affairs on and on which has helped the society in many ways. Very few really focus on issues men face, and it is high time we redefine our focus to help build the new MAN.

Few questions are puzzling even to the MAN – Are men unable to get themselves together to address their issues? Are men incapacitated to create platforms where they engage in several male concerns? To solve this puzzle, we need to understand why men don’t really communicate how they feel – Lets look at the menace killing the men emotionally – Alexithymia.

Ronald Levant in his book ‘Men and Emotions’ writes that “For many men and one striking and far-reaching consequence of the male socialization is the inability to differentiate and identify their emotions.

The technical term for this condition is alexithymia, which comes from the Greek roots that mean ‘without words and emotions’. People with alexithymia cannot put the feelings into words, and are not even aware of them.”

Furthermore, society has socialized men to be tough and not to express their emotions. Adults, authorities, teachers, and even the clergy (well-intentioned) train boys to be men by instilling in them the – “be tough rule”. They are taught not to express emotions, and made to comply. With time, these lessons result into coping strategies that forces men to bottle up their emotions, wear the masculine masks and be lonely men.

There are alarming data that should prompt men to begin taking their mental health seriously – More men are committing suicide than women; more boys are being raised without fathers, without models who can chart for them the way to manhood.

All these explains why most men cannot tell you what and how they feel in words. They either generalize their feelings or say nothing. The result is a silent soul scream, a soul cry for help; deep inside that nobody hears or sees because it is all masked up and suppressed by the societal yardstick for what masculinity is.

To reach our men and help them come out of the cage, Imeyreach Foundation presents, The Renewed MANE. We must begin having conversations about the effects of this masculinity, one that had led them to silence.

We should realize early enough that we are losing more men to depression, and that men will have to stick together to help themselves and forge a way forward – Andrea Otieno.

The Renewed MANE is a project by Imeyreach Foundation to encourage men to come together and embrace the need to help each other. Men need to understand that emotional vulnerability is not a weakness and their mental stability is important for a sane environment.

To partner with us , contact us at , or connect to us via our social media handles. Let us build a society of mentally empowered men.

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