On 20th June 2021, the world celebrated Father’s Day – A Day dedicated to giving thanks and remembering the men who sired us and became part of our lives. This year’s celebration shows how the world is embracing the need to appreciate men and care for their mental health.

There are some fathers that are not celebrated because their kids have nothing positive to write about daddy, which led to the children celebrating their mothers on Father’s Day because she endured parenting the kids all alone. In fact, this is where the real issue is – that the new era has had mothers who have performed more fatherly roles! Two major things are the cause: The father is present but not emotionally available or just not present at all.

TD Jakes writes in his book ‘He Motions’: we must offer a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to all the fathers who have stayed, who have fought through fear and the pain, and served their sons and daughters well. To read the book, check here.

To all those men who weathered storms and stayed home even when being home didn’t result in the jubilant enthusiasm you felt your sacrifices warranted, we all should say thank you. We all know that fathers (in the modern world) is an endangered species. Even to those men who lost the battle for marriage but kept the connection to the children, we say thank you. Thanks for sending the cheque to the kids even when it meant that your whole month was tight. Thanks for the phone calls placed and any way you tried to mend the hole in your child’s heart to let him know that you would always be there for him.

It is only through applauding you that we will shame others into a more interactive relationship with their sons and daughters. It’s also through the applause that we may remind ungrateful children that the little our fathers do means so much as long as it is their best. May we celebrate the fathers, and be grateful. May this message speak to every man’s attitude towards their father, and to the absent father’s heart too.

The renewed MANE (Masculinity in a New Era) is a project by Imeyreach Foundation to give mental empowerment to men to deal with depression and societal issues.

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