The Misconception of Depression

Although, people’s perceptions and beliefs about depression have changed over the years as more people now understand that speaking out helps to fight depression.

Howbeit, there are still a lot of negativity and misconceptions about depression when the depressed speaks with someone that has little or no idea how to communicate effectively with someone that is depressed.

The lack of understanding on how to communicate right with the depressed has made it difficult for a lot of people to ask for help and it has created a wrong idea that depression is just a phase that will pass on its own. Unfortunately, this feeling is being bottled up somewhere till it gets full and there is an outburst – emotional breakdown.

Depression affects everyone differently as some show it while some can hide it perfectly without anyone suspecting that they are depressed. People who experience depression are often stigmatized and judged not knowing depression is caused by different factors and can be treated in different way.

Some of the misconceptions about depression are:

  • Depression is not a real sickness and just mere sadness

  • You can simply “snap out of depression”

  • Only women are affected with depression and men can easily manage it.

  • Depressed people are looking for an excuse to be ungrateful, lazy, or weak.

  • Children or old people can not be depressed. They have nothing to worry about.

  • Work burnout is just stress and cannot cause depression.

  • Good looking and healthy people cannot be depressed.

In some parts in this World, mental health is still a topic of confusion and many people still do not understand it. If you look closely around you with an open-mind, you will notice how many are slipping away mentally and unsure how to communicate their feelings.

You can support those around you with depression and other mental health conditions by:

  • Validating their feelings

  • Creating a safe environment

  • Being sensitive with words without being judgmental

  • Having compassion, and encouraging them to feel comfortable to speaking out

  • Helping them through the journey of healing and mental empowerment.

At ImeyReach Foundation, through our Light Up Depression program, we help people to understand the signs and symptoms of depression, also counsel them to be mentally empowered to fighting depression.

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Content by Joy Sole


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