NYCN and IMEYREACH Holds a Seminar To Sensitize the Youths on – “My Mental Health; My Sustainability”

A Symposium organised by the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) in partnership with ImeyReach Foundation, was held on Saturday 14th of May, 2022 at the Agege Maternity Hall.

The Vice Chairman of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Comrade Jamiu Ademosu officially opened the event themed “My Mental Health, My Sustainability” and he sensitized the audience why Mental Health is important and the need to take care of ourselves. He said it is high time we tackle Mental issues collaboratively, just like how NYCN is collaborating with Imeyreach Foundation to train Mental Health Ambassadors to help people in the society fight against Mental Health issues and Drug Abuse.

A representative of the National Drug and Law Enforcement Agency News Agency (NDLEA) took to the stage to address the main audience of the seminar; teenagers and youths from various schools on the adverse effects of drug abuse- under use, overdose and self-medications- on one’s mental health.

The seminar featured a panelist session where a psychologist, Miss Oluwanifesimi Opawale; representing Mosun Oriolowo highlighted the difference between mental health and mental illness, types of mental illnesses and how to diagnose these illnesses. The more we understand what Mental Health is, the more the stigma diminishes.

A youth advocate, Miss Rita Chukwuneye, urged the teenagers and youths to always seek help from their parents, teachers or school counsellors when emotional and mental burnouts.

The Area Commander of NDLEA for the Agege district, Mr Isaac Unuene, advised the students to abstain from use of illicit drugs, further explaining to them that the use of drugs doesn’t solve mental illness but rather complicates it, hence becoming a threat to the their overall well-being.

The Founder of ImeyReach Foundation, Mr Oluwayemi Odubote, stated the importance of massive public awareness on mental health and the dangers attached to it. He further talks about causes of mental illness amongst teenagers and youths such as depression and anxiety as a result of body shaming and so on.

The students were excited to have learnt something new in the area of Mental health, most especially, how to be Mentally Empowered. Lots of questions were asked and the panelists did justice by answering the questions based on the understanding of the students. The students were curious about how to deal with body shaming, stress and also how to quickly spot when any of their friends are depressed.

The seminar ended with the unveiling of the 25 Mental Health Ambassadors by Comrade Ademosu Jamiu alongside Mr Yemi Odubote. Out of 175 candidates that applied, these carefully selected ambassadors are to advocate for mental health within and beyond their community by providing mental empowerment and creating a safe haven for people with mental health illnesses such as depression, stress and anxiety.

Shoutout to the team at NYCN and Imeyreach foundation for a successful event.

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Written By Abisola Eyisanmi – Abisola is an Ambassador of ImeyReach Foundation also, volunteering as a content writer.

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