Project Groom Bloom 2019

ImeyReach Foundation is excited to be working with Valued Girls Foundation on Project Groom Room and supported by Bariga Local Council in Lagos, Nigeria. This project will focus on teaching life skills to 100 Secondary Students in Bariga LCDA and it is for both Male and Female. It will kick-start fully by February 2020.

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HeForSheAfrica Summit

Happening on the 25th of July in Lagos, Nigeria. This summit is centered on bringing men and women from all walks of life to pledge for gender parity.

With the support of men, women need to be included in the economical, political and technological growth of the nation for a better future.

Webinar: First aid kit for the depressed (July 2019)

As a follow-up from the awareness month, a webinar to train people on the first aid to identifying and helping the depressed. The signs and symptoms to look out for, how to empathize and be compassionate around the depressed and know when to escalate to a professional.

Depression Awareness Month

With the rise of depression amongst youths, there is a need for a new view to sensitizing people to handling the depressed.

Symptoms of depression will be discussed in details for people to be well aware of the mental illness.



Millenials Engage with Gafar and Yemi Odubote On Sustainable Capitalism


– Sustainable Capitalism
– Volunteer’s Mental Health
– Volunteer Induction
– Anniversary Celebration

Date: 24 August, 2019
Time: 12pm Venue: Strategic Hub Ikeja

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